Persons :
Male Lapdancer / Female Lapdancer


So you booked your Ibiza Boat Trip or Limousine Transport. That’s wonderful! Now besides a male stripper / female stripper, you can also choose to add a male lapdancer / female lapdancer! He or she will be at your party as a topless entertainer per hour. During this time, the male lapdancer / female lapdancer is available for lap dances for anyone who would like for a tip.


By adding a male lap dancer / female lap dancer to your booking, anyone who would like can enjoy a lapdance and everyone enjoys 1 hour of topless entertainment by the male lapdancer / female lap dancer!

Ask us for a 10% DISCOUNT when taking more than 1 hour!*



*Discount available when a lapdancer stays longer than 1 hour. When taking more than 1 lapdancer, the discount is valid after the first hour.